B.S.F. Tennis League   CONSTITUTION   (updated 2021)

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Name: The Organisation is “Slazenger Bolton Sports Federation Tennis League”. It is a non-profit making organisation.
Government: An Administrative Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall govern the League. All members of the Administrative Committee, ex-officio members of the BSF and a representative from each club can attend any annual meeting.
Policy: The policy of the League shall be that agreed upon by the representatives at the AGM.
Objective: To promote the game of Tennis.
Administrative Committee:

The Administrative Committee shall consist of President, Vice-President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, General Secretary, Match Secretary (Mixed League), Men’s League), Match Secretary (Ladies’ League), Match Secretary (Junior League), , Match Secretary (Winter League), Match Secretary (Over 50s League), Registration Secretary, Tournament Secretary, Tournament Referee, Trophy Secretary, Tennis Lancashire Representative, Sponsorship Co-ordinator, ex-officio members of the Executive Committee and nine elected representatives, who together with the Match Secretaries form the League Working Committee.  The Committee shall have the authority to co-opt. All Committee members and associates are volunteers and receive no remuneration for their services during the year.


The President, who need not be a member of the Tennis League, shall be nominated by the Administrative Committee and elected at the AGM for a period of 3 years, but shall be eligible for re-election. The President is an ex-officio member of all committees and in the event of him/her being present at the AGM, shall receive an invitation to chair the meeting. The AGM may also elect Vice-Presidents who shall hold office for an indefinite period.

       Election of all other officers and Committee members takes place at the AGM.

Quorum: A committee meeting shall be quorate when seven members are present.
Duties of the Administrative Committee:

The Committee shall:

(a) consider all matters referred to it and take expedient action.
(b) be responsible for the administration of the League, for conforming to BSF Fundamental Rules and for submitting an Annual Report and League Account to the AGM with any such further information that may be required.
Duties of the Chairman: The Chairman shall preside over the AGMs of the League when the President is absent or due for re-election, with powers to summon special meetings of the Committees through the Secretary.
Duties of the Vice-Chairman: The Vice-Chairman shall deputise in the absence of the Chairman. In the absence of both, the members present will elect the Chairman.
Duties of the Secretary: The Secretary shall:
(a) with the Chairman, be responsible for calling all meetings, preparing minutes and for maintaining the records of the League.
(b) submit to the Committees, all matters of League business.
(c) be responsible for all correspondence received and sent.
(d) be provided with a deputy on request.
Duties of the Treasurer: The Treasurer shall:
(a) collect all members’ subscriptions, fees and fines etc. and be responsible for all League monies.
(b) pay all reasonable expenses incurred by the League.
(c) prepare annually, an income and expenditure account made up to 30th November or such other date as shall from time to time be decided.
(d) submit to the Committee meetings, statements of funds, balances and where required, explain any variations.

Duties of the Match Secretaries:

The Match Secretaries are delegated by the Administrative Committee to make such decisions as are needed, if necessary in consultation with relevant parties and their respective Working Committees, to ensure the efficient day-to-day running of their respective leagues. They are to ensure that teams abide by the rules and make such adjustments to published results as necessary, where the rules appear to have been breached.
Subscriptions and Finance: The funds of the League are under the control of the Administrative Committee and deposited in a bank/building society, approved by the Committee, in the name of the League.  The Treasurer will sign all cheques and drafts and the Chair or Secretary will countersign.
Standing orders for meetings:  
(a) There will be no discussion on the minutes except as to accuracy. Rescinding of resolutions cannot take place except by a proposal at a subsequent meeting with a two-thirds majority
(b) All motions must be proposed and seconded before a debate takes place.
(c) The following motions may be proposed and seconded without notice and the question put: (i) to suspend the meeting,  (ii) to adjourn the meeting,  (iii) to proceed to next business,  (iv) that the vote takes place. Such motions require a two-thirds majority in favour.
(d) Items for inclusion on the agenda for Committee meetings must be with the Secretary 48 hours before the meeting.
(e) Any Other Business at Committee meetings can only include urgent items.
(f) Each member shall have one vote. The Chairman only has the casting vote in the event of a tie.
(g) Voting shall be on a show of hands.

At the AGM, which will be held in December, (i) each Club shall have one vote per league played in on changes to the rules provided they are represented by a separate person at the AGM and the club was represented at the Notice of Motion Meeting (NOM) in November, and (ii) each Club and League Officer shall have one vote on other matters.  No person can have two votes in different capacities.

(a) All applications for League Membership shall be subject to acceptance at the AGM.
(b) A team shall be deemed to be a member of the League on receipt of all required subscriptions, fees etc. by the League Treasurer.

All protests must be in writing and sent to the League Secretary or relevant Match Secretary not later than seven days after the match. If an answer cannot be provided a copy of the protest will be sent to the Secretary of the club which is the subject of the protest for a response upon which a decision can be made. Any decision of the Committee or a Match Secretary acting on behalf of the Committee is subject to appeal which must be received in writing/mail from the Club Secretary. within seven days of the decision and accompanied by a fee of £20 (refundable only if the protest is upheld). On appeal, a personal hearing can take place. If confirmation of the original decision takes place then Members have a further right of appeal to the BSF Executive Committee if there is evidence of a breach of the Tennis League Rules.

Should any member of the Committee be interested or concerned in any dispute, claim or protest, he or she shall not remain in the room whilst such a case is being decided.