BSF Mixed Tennis League Fixtures/Results

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Tuesday 15th May 2018 (Week 3)
These fixtures will be reversed on -
Tuesday 10th July 2018 (Week 10)

Division 1

Holcombe Brook A v Markland Hill A
Hawkshaw A v Lostock A
Bradshaw A v David Lloyd (Bolton) A
Markland Hill B v Walmer A
Division 2
David Lloyd (Bolton) B v Chorley
Ellesmere v Bradshaw B
Lostock B v Holcombe Brook B
>>>Open date<<< v Hawkshaw B
Division 3
Holcombe Brook C v Markland Hill C
Hawkshaw C v Elton Vale
Longsight St Catherine’s A v David Lloyd (Chorley)
>>>Open date<<< v Barrow Bridge A
Division 4
David Lloyd (Bolton) D v Meadow Hill
Walmer B v Lostock C
Lostock D v David Lloyd (Bolton) C
Markland Hill D v >>>Open date<<<
Division 5
Barrow Bridge B v >>>Open date<<<
Hawkshaw E v Holcombe Brook D
Lostock E v Hawkshaw D
>>>Open date<<< v Bradshaw C