BSF Junior Tennis League Fixtures/Results

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Weekend containing Saturday 27 April 2019 (Week 1)
These fixtures will be reversed on
Weekend containing Saturday 08 June 2019 (Week 6)
  Match Day     Match Day
Division 1
Lostock A (Fri) v Markland Hill A (Sat)
Bradshaw A (Fri) v Holcombe Brook S.C. A (Fri)
Open Date >>>>>>   v Bellingham (Sat)
Division 2
Markland Hill B (Sat) v Winstanley (Sat)
Holcombe Brook S.C. B (Fri) v David Lloyd Abitare A (Fri)
Open Date >>>>>>   v David Lloyd (Chorley) (Sat)
Division 3
David Lloyd Abitare B (Fri) v Bradshaw B (Fri)
Hawkshaw A (Fri) v Lostock B (Fri)
Open Date >>>>>>   v Holcombe Brook S.C. C (Fri)
Division 4
Lostock C (Sat) v Markland Hill C (Fri)
Holcombe Brook S.C. D (Fri) v Roe Green (Sat)
Open Date >>>>>>   v Hawkshaw B (Fri)
Division 5
Markland Hill D (Fri) v Hawkshaw C (Fri)
Tyldesley (Fri) v Lostock D (Sat)
Open Date >>>>>>   v Bradshaw C (Fri)
  Match Day     Match Day

Friday matches start at 6.30pm Saturday matches start at 9.30am Sunday matches start at 5.00pm