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Competition Rule 6. All fees should be paid to the Treasurer by Debit Card Payment or Cheque which must be made payable to :- “B.S.F. ROUNDERS LEAGUE”, unless requested to pay otherwise.


Competition Rule 9. Any club competing in two sections, or more, shall submit the names of their best ten available (starred) for each of their highest team to the League Secretary no later than 31st December. Any team not complying will be fined £20. Unstarred players can only play for teams which are up to 2 sections lower e.g. ‘A’ Sec unstarred players can only play for their club teams that are in ‘B’ or ‘C’ Section. All club team players can play up e.g.  a ‘D’ section players can play for their club if they have a team in A, B and C sections but the unstarred players cannot play for club teams lower than ‘F’ sec. Starred players cannot play for a team competing in a lower section. The committee reserves the right to review starrings at any time.


Competition Rule 64. The League should be conducted in a sporting manner. Irregularities on the part of any club should be immediately reported to the League Secretary. This does not necessarily mean a protest and would be treated confidentially, until submitted in writing. Any teams causing concern can be subjected to 3 disciplinary procedures.

·  1st offence- team will receive a written warning via team secretary.

·  2nd offence- team contacts or secretary and named offender/s will attend a sub-committee disciplinary hearing.

·  3rd offence- team will be dealt with by a full league committee.


To be added to Safeguarding Policy on Page 8

Safeguarding young players is the responsibility of both the teams and this committee. All junior teams must be supervised and coached. Parents and guardians of young players must be informed by adult officials of that team that this is a ‘Ladies’ rounders league and as such games may take longer to complete, young players may be hit by hard thrown balls and they also can be obstructed by persons larger than themselves. All steps are taken by this league to safeguard young players, but all players play at their own risk.

All teams will receive a copy of the ‘Safeguarding Policy’ via email.


Competition Rule 10. Clubs with two teams playing in the same section must register as separate teams.


Competition Rule 13. No player may play for two teams in one week within this League. Any multi-team club player listed on the match card as a substitute but who does not play may then play for another team in that week subject to other rules.


To be added to Constitution on Page 59

Disciplinary Procedure: The two people listed on the registration form as team contacts will be the ones required to attend any disciplinary hearings with the exception of a named team player/s being the offender/s who will then attend with the team Secretary or Deputy.

All revised wording is in RED above.

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