B.S.F. Ladies' Rounders League

LEAGUE REPORT   -  19/06/2019  by Melanie Berry (Matchcard Secretary)

Thanks to last week’s downpours, nine games were called off and will be rescheduled over the next couple of weeks; check the BSF website for details. The Golden Girls interleague match was also abandoned thanks to the sudden downpour of rain and sleet that, despite clearing away a short time later, cause the ground to become too dangerous to continue on.

Despite the weather, some brilliant rounders took place last week where several teams managed an innings win.  H section BCC Girls were able to beat MTK Catering 170-136 despite only having nine players thanks to high scores from Courtney McGreavy (46), Jasmine Westhead (30) and Jade Cheetham (26). They also fielded very well, holding MTK to just 53 points in their first innings – no easy task with 2 fielders short. F section Staff UK also played short with ten, but again managed to win by an innings against Rische XI, keeping their first innings score to 29 whilst scoring 116 themselves. Top batters were Maddie Raine (31) and Bev Ashton (35).  M sections Darcy D had the player with the highest individual score this week, and possibly so far this season, when Emily Worsley batted an incredible 59 in one innings – that’s 20 points more than the opposition – Horwich Town B – scored in total in their first innings! Closely followed by Caitlin Murray on 40, Darcy scored 163 in their innings, whilst Horwich own managed 102 after 2 innings.

Smithills Open farm in K section had a close game against Moss Bank XI. Despite trailing by 61 points at half time, they scored 122 in their second innings, thanks mainly to Charlotte Fitzharris scoring an amazing 45 points, giving them a match total of 229. They also fielded very well, keeping Moss Bank to just 51 in the second half to give them a match total of 219.

Just a reminder, the last date for registering new players is looming. All registration forms must be with Jackie Wright by 30th June for consideration.