B.S.F. Ladies' Rounders League

LEAGUE REPORT    -  20/06/2018

Golden Girls Inter-league report

The final match of the Inter-League series in Bolton was played at Bolton Cricket Club on Friday when the Over 60s (Golden Girls) of Bolton and Bury were in opposition. The home side made a steady start as June Duckworth opened with one, Viv Anderton two, Carol Paisley a rounder and Angela Brown two before the visitors claimed their first victim, dismissing Jean Pender at first base. The next four batters scored cautious singles before Barbara Gillet was out at first base, but Jean Crowe compensated with a rounder.


Two Bolton batters were dismissed on the second round and another on the third, but the remaining players all reached double figures. June Duckworth was caught out for 12 and Carol Paisley for 14. Jackie Wright scored a dozen before being hit out and Sue Russell suffered the same fate after scoring 14.


The last pair of Barbara Goulding (18) and Jean Crowe (24) were denned for a Bolton total of 113 including 13 bad balls.


Bury responded positively and Sally Dyer scored the first of her two rounders and racked up 23 runs before being dismissed at first base. Mary Crolla scored eleven, Audrey Dexter nine, Mary Lees three while June English and Lyn Crawford scored two apiece while Joyce Roscoe was last batter and top scorer with 24 before being hit out and after starting with four singles, went on to score a two and six threes, which took the Bury total to 108, including 16 bad balls.


Boltonís start to the second innings was less than spectacular with three players being dismissed on the first round and three failing to score, but they stuck to the task of preserving their narrow first innings lead. Viv Anderton scored two threes after failing at the first attempt but was then out at first base. Carol Paisley reached 12 including a rounder before being given out for obstruction.


Susan Karim scored two rounders and was top scorer with 19 before being dismissed at first base and last batter Jean Crowe was denned for 14. With 22 bad balls boosting their total to 93 the home side had a match total of 206 and a lead of 98.


Bolton only managed to dismiss one batter on the first round and two failed to score, neither being allowed a score for the second innings. All other batters proved more stubborn and faced the bowler at least six times. Mary Crolla scored the only rounders of the innings and reached 14 before being out at first, meanwhile four Bury batters reach double figures, Joyce Roscoe (16), Chris Yates (18), Sue Platt (10) and last batter Audrey Dexter who was denned for 28.


With 18 bad balls and one penalty, Bury ended their innings with 108 to take at ten-run victory at 216 to Boltonís 206.


The Bury series of matches begins on Friday when the Over 45s are in action at Bury Sports Club which is hosting all five matches.


Week 8 Rounders League Report by Mick Dargan


Tuesday nightís Section H game, MTK Catering v Heaton XI saw some excellent batting by both sides. With the home team batting first, a score of 18 by Maria Kirkman, closely followed by Joanne Riley on 13 and Paula Summersfield on 10. The side managed a reasonable 77 first innings points. Heaton XI went in to bat and soon showed they wanted the win. Great bowling by the MTK side saw five Heaton players out without scoring but great batting from Donna Fisher with 37, Claire Winstanley on 20 and Chelsea Andrews with 10 saw the away side get to half time just three points in front with a score of 80. MTK returned to bat and this time proved slightly harder to dislodge. Riley increase her first half score by adding a further 30 points. Adele Coulson added 19 closely followed by Jill Hynes with 18. Cindy OíConnorís 15 and 10 by Simone Byron were the teamís only other double-figure scorers. Heaton XI then went in for their second innings but only the first inningsí high scorer, Fisher managed to get into double-figures with 14, the team fell short of their target by 76 points and a final score of 209-133.


Section C game on Thursday evening saw Tobutt Sports Ladies come up against Carestaff Solutions. Helped by a massive 41 by Tobutt skipper, Lisa Thorley and 23 from the bat of Heidi Duff saw the home team get to the end of their first innings with a score of 108. Carestaff saw high scores from Diane McKenzie and Kirsty Yates who both managed 16 points closely followed by Tracey James with 14, Vicky Heap on 12 and Jen Waring with 10. They went to the break just eleven points behind on 96. Tobuttís, despite losing first innings high scorers, Thorley and Duff very early in the second innings, a creditable 35 from the bat of Mandy Foster closely followed by Martine Smith with 29, and a couple of 16s from Claire Rhodes and Jamie Birch saw the home side better their first half score by seven, going in with a match total of 222. Carestaff went in requiring 127 for victory and after the first round of batting still retained eleven players in the line-up. Unfortunately, only Ann-Marie Thornley with 14 and first innings high scorer, James adding a further 13 gained double figure scores and they fell 39 points short of the target.


The Junior team from the Little Lever XI club came up against M-Section rivals TLC Ladies. Missing one or two players due to A-Level exams, Little Lever XI posted some brilliant scores. A massive 54 from the bat of Eva Fitton, 35 from Lucy Griffiths along with a decent knock of 20 from Chloe McGreavy and 12 by Grace Pansey saw the home club scoring a decent 151. TLC Ladies were equal to that target and had Michelle McCartin and Julie Scholes with 32 each along with 16 from Jackie Hibbert, 13 each for Andrea Holman and Emma Willoughby and 10 from Naomi Reynolds which saw the visitors go into the half-time interval enjoying a 22-point lead with a score of 173. Of the first half high scorers, only Fitton, with an extra 32 points to give her a match total of 86 and McGreavy with another 12 managed to repeat their high scoring but joining them in the second innings were Chloe Blair (25), Lynda Hirst and Gabby Clelland (20), Elsa Fitton (16) and Antonia OíDonnell (10) to finish adding another 167 points and a match total of 318. TLCís Scholes, high scorer from the first innings added a further 24 points Kerry Hibbert added 15, second-half substitute, Marcelle Derbyshire managed 14 and Lynn Mackenzie on 10 were the sideís only double-figure scorers. The team were all out for 98; Little Lever victorious with a final score of 318-271.


Having seen all five of the home Interleague series, we now travel to Bury for the next five Fridays. All the games will return this season to Bury Sports Club, Radcliffe Road, Bury, BL9 9JX. Next week sees the return of the Over 45s Interleague team as they look to avenge their earlier home defeat.