B.S.F. Ladies' Rounders League

LEAGUE REPORT   -  11/09/2019  by Melanie Berry (Matchcard Secretary)

The finale of the Rounders Cup competitions took place on Sunday in what turned out to be glorious sunshine and in front of a great crowd.

The first final was the Dorothy Clarke Trophy Handicap between Little Lever XI Juniors, a relatively new team, and P Arthur Autos who are well established, seasoned players.  LL XI Jnrs had a handicap of 30, and managed to score an admirable 96 in total with Chloe Blair, Abbie Lovett and Lucy Griffiths all scoring double figures. Despite some fantastic fielding from LL XI Jnrs, leaving only four batters remaining after just four bats each, Susan Jones and Becky Pollard scored 34 each whilst Rebecca Jones scored a magnificent 42, giving P Arthurs an innings score of 150 and leaving LL XI Jnrs a score of 55 to force the opponents back in to bat. Unfortunately for them, they scored just 36, giving them a match total of 132, and leaving P Arthur Autos with an innings win.

Following on from that game, the crowd were treated to a brilliant display of rounders, from both sides, when League Champions Rupert Ladies met Northwest Hydraulics XI in the Finestyle Windows and Doors Cup final. Rupert had a 20 minute time cap on their batting whilst NWH had a handicap of 200. In their first innings they scored 16 as Rupert gave a display of their outstanding fielding. However, Rupert then had a real battle on their hands having to score highly to be in with a chance of winning. Some good bowling from NWH put Rupert batters off their stride at times, as four batters were caught out relatively low scores and a further four were hit out. With ten rounders, Rupert was held to an innings score of 156 with four batters remaining. In their second innings, NWH struggled to make contact with the ball and most batters failed to score, leaving them with a match total of 231, and Rupert needing 76 to win. Once again, five batters fell foul of some outstanding catching from NHW, who also managed to keep all batters to a score of 20 or less. However, Rupert’s ability to remain calm under pressure, know when to take a chance, where to hit the ball to avoid and fielders, plus their sheet determination to win, saw them score a further 137 with three batters remaining,  and a match score of 293. Credit must also be given to NWH for their determination, team work and sheer effort.

Last week saw the rearranged Dixon Shield final take place between Lizzies Lunches and Westhoughton Ladies. In the first innings, Lizzies scored 49 points with top scorer Donna Hadley on 10 points, whilst Westhoughton almost doubled their score with 79 points thanks to top scorer Brooklyn O’Brien on 17 points. As Lizzies managed to avoid having to follow on, Westhoughton returned to score 100 in their second innings, Helen Mews scoring highest with 27 points. This gave them a match score of 179. Lizzies needed to score 131 to take the trophy, but they were to be disappointed as Westhoughton were able to keep them to a score of just 22 points thanks to some super fielding between bowler, backstop and 1st base. Final score was Lizzies Lunches 71, Westhoughton Ladies 179.