B.S.F. Ladies' Rounders League

LEAGUE REPORT  by Mick Dargan (Results Secretary)  -  15/08/2018

This week’s final saw North West Hydraulics against Dave’s for the Blackburn Shield. The two teams lie first and second in G-Section. Section leaders, NWH went in to bat first and there they stayed for what seemed ages. Although they lost a single player in the first round of batting, another in the second and by the sixth, still had six players remaining. All six scored into double figures. Next out was Beth Heaton on her ninth visit to the batting square but added 10 points to what was becoming a great score.  On her seventeenth bat, Nicole Crook was out obstruction for a score of 32 which included three rounders. Skipper, Georgia Lever was next out but not before she had batted eighteen times with a couple of rounders and also came off with a score of 32.  The remaining three players looked as though they could have batted all night. They didn’t though. On their twenty-first bat each, the trio declared their innings and walked off the pitch to much applause from the crowd. Ellie Shipperbottom with 30 including a single rounder, Olivia Whittle with 36 with two rounders and with a fantastic score of 53, Lucy Brown who managed to get all the way round five times. A score of 231 was going to be a very difficult task for Dave’s.


The first two batters, Rachael Green and Hayley Price, opened with rounders. They really were going to give it their all in an effort to match their opponent’s score. The third batter was caught on her first bat but the rest of the team survived to bat again. In fact, they all survived the second visits but then two batters were caught the third time around then another two were lost on the fourth bat. Great bowling from NWH saw Dave’s reduced even further in the sixth round to obstruction when three players went out. Dave’s batters scoring into double figures were the earlier mentioned Green who was out for 13 and Price who added another rounder on her way to 18. Finally, Megan Taylor came in with 10. Steady batting from the final pair, Katie Howells and Jean Webster saw them both out at den with innings made up of mainly ones. Dave’s managed to score 88 so were asked to continue batting.


Once again, the opening batter, Green, scored a rounder with her first attempt but, unlike the first innings, second batter, Price, found herself hit out before getting to first base with her first bat of the innings. Again, steady fielding by NWH whittled Dave’s down until the last two batters were out at den with their total score still only 159 and 72 points short of forcing their opponents to bat again. Manager and coach, Catherine and Rachael Crilly have worked very hard to shape these girls into the formidable unit they are becoming.


Next week’s Friday final will be hosted by Darcy Lever Cricket and Social Club. The Dixon Shield will be contested by D-Section’s New Inn and E-Section’s Pike Ladies.


In the league, Section Championships have been decided in four of the thirteen sections; Section B Champions are Future XI, Section H Champions are Sacred XI, Section J Champions are Prices XI and Section M Champions are Little Lever XI Juniors. The other nine sections are still to be decided and will probably go to the last week and beyond.