B.S.F. Ladies' Rounders League

LEAGUE REPORT   -  24/04/2019  by Melanie Berry (Results Secretary

Thanks to the lovely weather we have been having, no matches have been postponed due to the pitches being unfit to play on, however there have been a number that, like last week, have been abandoned due to bad light. There are also 4 outstanding matches from week 1 to be replayed, one of which was abandoned yet again this week due to bad light.

Carestaff Solutions v Grapes A saw a close game being fought out in Section D. Carestaff scored well in their first batting thanks to scores in the 20s from Danielle Draper and Ann-Marie Thornley plus 30 points scored by Romera Sabir giving them a comfortable 124 points. Grapes A only managed to rally round 10 players and the majority of their players only scored single figures in their first innings, giving them a total of 78, 16 of which were bad balls. They therefore had to return to bat first in the second innings, chasing a deficit of 36 points. Their second innings score was marginally better with half the team scoring in the teens led by top scorer Andrea Boardman on 14 points, giving a second innings score of 85, and a total score of 163. Carestaff returned to bat, chasing a low score of just 39 points and facing only 10 fielders.  The Grapes fielded magnificently, holding all but 1 player to single figures, and four players not scoring at all. With the batters scoring a total of 36, plus 3 bad balls and 1 penalty, Carestaff were defeated by just 1 point, the final score being Carestaff 162, The Grapes 163.

Meanwhile in J section, BSFC only managed to field 10 players against a squad of 14 for Bradshaw XI. Thanks to Lesley Hart, Ellie Jarvis and Abi McCorley who between them scored 70 points, BSFC totalled a magnificent 129 in their first innings. Excellent fielding also meant they held their opponents to 61 forcing them to bat first in the second innings. Bradshaw fared better this time, with two excellent scores from Michelle Stephenson 30 and Amy Hare 36 to give them a final score of 172. In the second batting for BSFC, they soon matched and exceeded their target score, declaring the innings on a final score of 192.

Up in Section E, Bishops Ladies, who were again playing with only 10 players, put on a magnificent display of rounders by beating Chorley Ladies in an innings. Chorley only scored 62 in the first innings whilst Bishops managed 137 thanks to scores in the 30s from Courtney Holroyd and Kayleigh McClarence. They then went on to hold Chorley to 47 in the next innings giving them a match total of 109 against 136 in an innings for Bishops.