B.S.F. Ladies' Rounders League
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Club Policy Reference
Adlington CC Moulded stud football boots, moulded blade football boots, hockey boots and trainers.
Screw in stud football boots are NOT allowed
19 May 2015
Blackrod CC Trainers & Astroturf only Feb 2015
Bolton CC No metal studs or metal blades March 2015
Darcy Lever C&SC No footwear restrictions Feb 2015
Daisy Hill CC Astroturf and Trainers only. April 2018
Eagley CC No football boots Trainers, astroturf or pimpled soles only. Feb 2015
Egerton CC Check with Club (may play at end) Feb 2015
Farnworth CC Astroturf or Trainers  only May 2018
Farnworth Social C. No metal studs or blades. Feb 2020
Heaton CC Astroturf or Trainers only Feb 2018
Horwich RMI CC Trainers or Astroturfs only no blades or boots. Update April 2019 from Rivington Ladies Secretary
Kearsley CC Trainers or astroturf only Jan 2015
Little Hulton CC No restrictions Feb 2015
Little Lever CC Trainers and Astroturf trainers only.   No moulded boots and blades May 2016
Tonge CC No spikes metal studs or blades   Feb 2019
Walkden CC No spikes metal studs or metal blades Feb 2015
Westhoughton CC Moulded studs or blades allowed Jan 2015


Dogs are not permitted on school playing fields

and some cricket grounds for Health and Safety reasons.