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Contributions to Local Charities

2023 fundraising will be for Green Fold Special School   -    Total to 30/11/2022  =  0
See below for previous donations.

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B.S.F. Ladies' Rounders League Charity Donations   -   The total raised from 1983 to 2019 = 132,454.72

In 1983, the B.S.F. Ladies' Rounders League decided to raise money throughout the season to support local charities and in that year, contributed 250 to BABIES IN NEED at the Princess Anne Maternity Unit. At the time, that was thought to be a commendable effort, but the Committee believed that with some effort, the League could do better and from that small beginning they have achieved a record of which they can be justifiably proud.

Each year, at the Annual General Meeting in November, clubs are asked to select a single charity from the list of local applicants, all of whom are given a few minutes to explain their needs and aims .

Throughout the ensuing year, the League Committee organises events such as a Cabaret, Race Night, Sponsored Walk, special matches and raffles. In addition, some clubs organise their own functions to help boost the fund which has provided much-needed funds for worthy causes.

With so many charities needing support, it is difficult to select one each year, but those supported have been relevant to many of the people involved in the League. The list below details the record to date and covers a wide range of recipients. Whilst the aim has always been to support a different charity each year, the list includes a couple of exceptions. Bolton Hospice was supported in 1987 when it was being built, then again in 1999 to help with its running costs. The Special Baby Care Unit was supported in1995 and again in 1996 because the 4000 raised in the first year fell short of the cost of the special equipment which the League had planned to fund.


Applications for consideration should be sent to the League Secretary, with relevant information to support the request.


Year Amount Recipient
2019 2950.00 Bolton Mountain Rescue Team
2018 4000.00 Baby Basics (2000)      and      Rubens Retreat (2000)
2017 3400.00 North West Air Ambulance (1700)    and     Trewan Sands Children's Trust (1700)
2016 3800.00 Bolton Disability Sports Association (1900)     and     Bolton ICD Support Group (1900)
2015 4400.00 Bolton Dementia Support Group
2014 4900.00 Fortalice
2013 4,470.00 St Luke's Drop-In
2012 3,700.00 Bolton Hospice
2011 4,700.00 Bolton Mountain Rescue Team
2010 3,820.00 Bolton Smiley Faces
2009 4,260.00 JIGSAW  (Joint Initiative Group for Stroke Awareness and Wellbeing - Bolton Area Group)
2008 3,820.00 The Michael Williams Trust
2007 4,500.00 D.E.B.R.A.
2006 5,280.00 Brain Tumour UK
2005 4,200.00 The Michael Williams Trust
2004 5,607.14 Bolton Meningitis Trust
2003 4,460.00 Westhoughton Area Support Unit for Christie Hospital (Gene Therapy Unit)
2002 5,100.00 Derian House
2001 4,950.00 Bolton & Bury Childline
2000 3,750.00 Fortalice
1999 4,400.00 Bolton Hospice
1998 3,750.00Myloma Research
1997 3,350.00 Derian House
1996 3,500.00 Special Baby Care Unit
1995 4,000.00 Special Baby Care Unit
1994 3,650.00 A.S.B.A.H.
1993 2,500.00 Greenfold School
1992 3,000.00 Macmillan Nurses
1991 3,000.00Deaf to Danger
1990 3,600.00 Firwood School
1989 2,800.00 Bolton Ambulance Cardiac Appeal
1988 1,864.00 Samaritans (Bolton Branch)
1987 2,120.00 Bolton Hospice
1986 2,250.00 Arthritis & Rheumatism Research
1985 1,730.00 Bolton Breast Scanner Appeal
1984 623.58 Birtenshaw School
1983 250.00 Babies in Need