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CODE OF CONDUCT    (updated February 2015)


To be enjoyed fully, Rounders should be played to a general code of conduct. The laws of the game clearly imply that.

By observing these simple principles, everyone should gain the maximum enjoyment from the game.



           Avoid appealing for decisions and accept the decisions of match officials without question. On matters of opinion, the referee's decision is final.

           Play fairly and without danger to opponents and do not indulge in the practice of gamesmanship. This is often regarded as cheating.

           Treat opponents and officials with the respect you would wish them to accord to you.

           Dangerous play, e.g. the throwing of bats, the unnecessary and aggressive hitting of poles etc., and bad language, is unacceptable, not in keeping with the best interest of the game and may be subject to disciplinary action by the Committee.



           The manner in which the laws of the game are interpreted and applied can greatly influence the amount of pleasure gained by those who play or watch.

           Give decisions clearly and firmly.

           Report any serious case of misconduct. However, a timely word of advice to players who appear to be losing self-control may help to complete the game without the necessity for disciplinary action.

           Avoid over familiarity with players.

           Wear footwear and clothing suitable for coping with ground and weather conditions.

           Carry a copy of the current handbook.



Noisy and abusive criticism should be avoided. This can affect a referee's concentration and morale to the detriment of the game.

Ensure the smooth running of the game by standing well clear of the playing area, do not field the ball and comply with any reasonable request by the referee.

Once a batter is out, she shall stand more than 12 yards from the pitch.



Duties of the Club Secretary. The Club Secretary shall:

           be the contact point between the League Committee and its officials.

           provide current accurate contact details, and notify League Secretary immediately of any changes.

           ensure alternative contact details are available in their absence.

           address in writing any problems regarding the team to the League Secretary.

           ensure all league and cup fixtures are fulfilled, including referee fixtures.

           ensure the match card is completed accurately and submitted on time to the Results Co-ordinator.

           ensure a risk assessment is completed correctly for every Home match, and retained for 12 months.

           attend (or a representative) all mandatory League meetings.

           ensure any fines incurred are paid within 21 days to avoid suspension.