B.S.F. Ladies' Rounders League
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Since publication of the Handbook, the following changes have been made:
Farnworth Ladies (Section I) will now play home games at Farnworth Social Circle, Piggott Street, Farnworth, Bolton  BL4 9QJ   (29/03/2022)
AGA (Section F) will now play home games at Doe Hey Playing Field, Farnworth, Bolton  BL4 7HU   (04/04/2022)
Sharples Ladies (Section D) will now play home games at Barlow Park, Astley Bridge  BL1 6QT  (08/04/2022)
Farnworth Cricket Club footwear should read "Trainers or Astroturf only"   (11/04/2022)
B&A Ladies (Section K) will now play home games at Blackrod PF Vicarage Road Blackrod  BL6 5DB  (27/04/2022)
Horwich RMI  CC Footwear Restrictions - NO FOOTBALL BOOTS OR BLADES Email from the Club Secretary  (06/04/2022)
Over the years the visiting ladies just tend to ignore this and this usually results in arguments.
If there are any instances at all of ladies wearing football boots on our ground, the use of it will be withdrawn FOREVER.
The League has set up a Facebook page for discussion of Rounders related topics at   https://www.facebook.com/groups/599790193792496/
Please note that bad language and unruly conduct, along with abuse of referees, is unacceptable
and  all reported instances of such behaviour will be investigated.
Teams found guilty of such behaviour will be fined and further action may be taken by the Committee.
Any photograph taken without the authority of the person within it has not to be placed on facebook.
The placing of these photographs may cause individuals harm and make them very vulnerable.
Please take this as a warning as if this continues further action by the League may be taken.
Thanks, Angie Hill (Welfare Officer).
There has been some confusion about this and not all referees are following the League advice
Further to the decision made at the A.G.M. the following advice has been given to referees at their recent meetings.
Any team not playing in their strip should be reported to the League via a note on the match card,    for the first notification,    teams will receive a warning letter,    for the second and any subsequent notification teams will be fined.
Team strip has been defined as any item of identical clothing i.e. polo shirt,    tee shirt,    sweat shirt,    track suit top,    waterproof jacket etc worn by the team members during play.
In this respect,    if a number of players are playing in the polo shirt and the remainder have the sweatshirt or the tracksuit top over the polo shirt, or any other combination,
this will be considered as acceptable
To take the alternative extreme case,    a team wearing eleven different tops of various styles,    colours etc is not acceptable
and will be reported,    as will the team where a minority of players are not wearing the team strip.
At the time of writing,    no definite decision has been made regarding skirts,    shorts,    tracksuit bottoms etc.