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ROUNDERS ACCIDENT FUND    (updated November 2019)


The rules of the Accident Fund set out below are subject to overriding conditions that no benefit is payable for incapacity caused by or contributed to by:-

(a) A pre-existing injury or physical condition, or

(b) The claimant being, or having been, pregnant.

1. The object of the Accident Fund is to raise a sum of money which will be devoted to paying benefit to eligible members of the Fund who are incapacitated through injury or accident caused by playing rounders in any match under the control of the B.S.F. Rounders League, in organised non-competitive club practices, or while travelling to or from a match by public transport. The Fund will be vested in the Rounders League Committee.

2. The Accident Fund will cover only such incapacity sustained during the period from 1st March to 30th September inclusive.

3. All competing clubs must be members of the Accident Fund and shall pay an annual fee, as determined by the committee, for each team entered. Unaffiliated referees may pay an annual fee, as determined by the committee, to be members of the Fund.

4. The Fund will cover eligible Registered players, Recognised referees, Team officials (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer as on the entry forms), Scorer, Manager/Coach, and League Committee members. Members not in employment may claim while confined to the home, nursing home or hospital provided this is supported by medical evidence.

5. Claimants must be incapacitated for a full week before being entitled to benefit, thereafter, if resuming their normal occupation before completion of a full week, shall be paid pro rata for the odd days. For the purpose of this rule, five working days will constitute one week.

6. All claims must be lodged with the Secretary as soon as it is clear that a claim may be made under these rules, and in any event within three weeks of the date of the accident. Medical certificates must be sent to cover the period from the date of the accident.

7. A claimant in receipt of benefit shall not follow any kind of employment or physical activity which would retard recovery. Breach of this rule will mean forfeiture of benefit.

8. Claimants returning to work after an accident, must give the Secretary immediate notice of their withdrawal from benefit. A claimant having once resumed work and being unable to continue, must make an immediate application for benefit, such application to be dealt with as the Committee deem best.

9. Any club through any circumstances withdrawing or being expelled from the Rounders League, shall forfeit all claims in respect of this Fund and all fees paid to this Fund.

10. Benefit will be paid in accordance with these rules and the Table of Benefits appended below, for the period the claimant is incapacitated, to a maximum of 52 weeks but excluding the first week, from the date of the accident.

11. Only one of the benefits will be paid for each injury and only if death or loss occurs or disablement occurs within twelve months of the date of the injury.

12. Benefit 4 will normally be paid at the end of the period of disability, or quarterly on prolonged claims.

13. No officer or other member of the Rounders League Committee or of the Bolton Sports Federation shall be personally liable for any benefit payable under these rules.

14. If at any time the total monies in the Accident Fund shall be insufficient to meet the sum of benefit payable under these rules, all claims admitted by the Rounders League Committee at such time shall be paid rateably AND no other Fund of the Rounders League or of the Bolton Sports Federation shall be liable to meet the excess of such claims.

15. Any matter concerning accidents and benefits not covered by these rules shall be dealt with by the Rounders League Committee as they deem advisable, and their decision in all cases shall be final.


Members aged
over 16 and
under 70
Members aged
under 16

1.    Death



2.   Total loss by physical separation of one or more limbs at or above the ankle or wrist



3.   Total and irrecoverable loss of all sight in one or both eyes



4.   Total inability to attend the Member's occupation or business

          (excluding the first week of each period of disablement)  ......per week