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Minutes of Annual General Meeting  -  2nd June 2017

In Attendance: N.Smith, A.Ahmed, J.Riley, S.Stott, R.Moffat, P.Ashton and delegates from each club Except- Ainsworth A+B, Bamford, B.L.G.C, Digmoor, Elton Libs, Golbourne, Mitchells, Queen Lizzy, Turton Bay Mare.

Apologies: from K.Stephens, Old Bolts.

May minutes read and signed as true copy.

Matters arising: nothing to report.

J.Riley: nothing to report.

A.Ahmed: went through the financial statement for season 2016/17.

S.Stott: informed the committee he was standing down due to personal reasons.

          Nomination of League Officers.

Chairman- N.Smith

Vice Chairman- P.Ashton

Secretary- K.Stephens

Treasurer- A.Ahmed

Match Secretary- J.Riley

Refs Secretary- K.Stephens

Registration Secretary- A. Ahmed

Press Officer- J.Riley

Bob Moffat from BSF, talked about the Bolton Sports Awards.


Next Meeting 7th July, 2017, applications, league fees and bond top ups, need to be handed in and paid.



Minutes of AGM 2017 2nd June