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Minutes of Annual General Meeting  -  3rd June 2016

In attendance:  N.Smith, A.Ahmed, N.Shine, P.Ashton, K.Stephens, J.Riley and delegates of each team except, - Ashtonians, Astley Bridge, Atherton Town, Bar Hill, B.L.G.C., Breightmet A and B, Cheers Bar, Elton Libs, Moorside, North Walkden, Old Bolts.

Apologies from S.Stott

N. Smith:  I will start with my usual opening line, it has been a long and difficult season, but this time the difficulty was the weather, but through John Riley’s dedication and perseverance, we managed to get the season finished. The downside for me this season was the fact some teams didn’t bother to attend meetings. We know they get hit in their pockets, but some clubs take it to the limit. On a brighter note, we seem to be moving in the right direction. After initial teething problems, player registration is up, no worries with money coming in, new Secretary Kev keeps it simple, Phil won’t let anybody get away with out, Simon keeps the refs coming, so we seem to be cooking on gas.

N.Shine:  Rule change:  last sign on date for players to be changed from 31st May to 31st March and players must be signed by Fiday 5pm to be able to play the following Sunday.

A.Ahmed:  All teams reminded that all bonds and fines must be paid in full before teams will be allowed to play (NO EXCEPTIONS).  Expenditure sheet read out and copies given out to teams.

K.Stephens:  Application Forms will be available on the website for teams to download. These need to be filled in and brought to next meeting, or emailed, posted,  or even take a photo and send it to me at - K.Stephens. 22 Wingates Grove Westhoughton, BL5 3PH

email:      Phone Number 07761279449 .

You will need to contact your F.A. to get your affiliation number, but you will need proof of team insurance to do this.

N.Smith and P.Ashton presented the trophies.

Nomination of the Committee All existing were re-elected en-bloc.

Next meeting:  Friday, 1st July 2016, at Bolton Cricket Club.