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Minutes of Annual General Meeting  -  5th June 2015


Held at Bolton Cricket Club on 5th June 2015.

In attendance, Neil Smith,Phil Ashton, Noel Shine, John Riley, Simon Stott, Aamar Ahmed, Kev Stephens, and delegates of all teams, except- Atherton, Cheers Bar, Elton Liberal, Moorside Rangers, Old Boltonians.

Apologies from Moorside and Old Boltonians,

1. Chairman: Minutes of May meeting signed, as true record.

2. Treasurer, reading of annual finance report, all teams given copies,

A listing of money owing in fines and money needed to top up the 100 bonds, all clubs notified of any debts.

3. New Secretary: Kevan Stephens was proposed by Phil Ashton, and seconded by Noel Shine, then voted on by the floor. Kev Stephens voted as new secretary.

4. Rule changes:

4.1. Last date to sign on players, to be moved from end of January to end of May, but must play at least 3 games for signed club, to be allowed to play in semis or finals,

Voted on  -   motion carried.

4.2. Increase in number of players allowed to sign, before you need to delete players, and pay for new ones, to go from 22 to 25.

Voted on  -  motion carried.

4.3. All players to have passport type photo for website,

Voted on  -  against, motion not carried.

4.4.deduction of points, to be increased from 3 to 4 points.

Voted on  -   motion carried.

4.5. Any transfer of a player, must be agreed on by both managers, and a fee of 5 paid to the league.

Voted on  -  motion carried.

5. Committee, will decide on the league format, when it is known how many teams have entered.

6. The presentation of trophies and medals, by John Riley,

7. Aamar, clubs notified of money owing for extra trophies and medals they have ordered.

8. All clubs, old and new to have application forms filled in and brought to next meeting, along with any monies due.

End of meeting.  Next meeting  -  Friday 3rd July 2015, at Bolton Cricket Club.