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Minutes of BSF Over 35s Football League meeting  -  4th January 2019
held at Bolton Cricket Club

In Attendance : N.Smith, A.Ahmed, J.Riley, K.Stephens. and delegates from each team.

 N.Smith: Roll Call, reading of December 2018 minutes, and signed as a true copy.

 J. Riley: A few teams have been calling games off for various reasons, eg.- stag party, christenings, etc. You cannot call a game off, unless you give 2 weeks notice, need to get the games played, so we donít have a fixture, backlog, so from now on teams will be fined and loose points, unless postponement agreed with match secretary John Riley.

 A. Amhed: Can teams please check your list of players on the website. If you play an unregistered player, you could be fined and loose points.

Transfers - must be agreed by both clubs and a £5 fee payable by end of season. If any queries, you need to contact Amir Ahmed.

 Cup Draws took place, drawn by John Riley and Ricky Connell.

Sam Ashworth:  to be played on 20th Jan 2019 -

Wigan Town v Horwich St Maryís

Rochdale Sports v Bar Lane Bowling Club

Radcliffe Town v Radcliffe Old Boys B

Queen Lizzy v Radcliffe Old Boys A

P.F.Bury v Barr Hill

Salford Waggon  or  Heaton Casuals v Old Bolts

Royal Farnworth v Dobbies B

Salford Victoria v Turton

Division One Cup:  to be played 27th Jan 2019

Salford Victoria v Barr Hill

Radcliffe Vets A v Radcliffe Old Boys A

Next Meeting February 1st 2019 at Bolton Cricket Club.