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Minutes of BSF Over 35s Football League meeting  -  2nd November 2018
held at Bolton Cricket Club


In Attendance - N.Smith, A.Amhed, J.Riley, K.Stephens. and delegates of each team.


N.Smith:  Roll Call, read and signed October 2018 minutes as a true copy.


J. Riley:   Results not coming in on time. Teams need to ring or text in the result by 5pm on Sunday and must include the goal-scorers. Home team responsible for ringing the result in, and both teams to make sure the match card is filled in and handed to the referee, so he can post it.


A.Ahmed:  Teams to make sure all their players are signed on. Check your list on the website, by clicking on your team name, also need your playersí photo id on a USB stick with team name on it. Teams will be fined and have points deducted if found to be playing unregistered players.


K.Stephens:  Kit change for The Lever Arms - home = yellow and green, away = red and white.  Teams need to contact referees to let them know if the game is on or off. This should be done by Friday evening, Saturday morning at the latest.

Had a couple of complaints about refs being threatened and teams being abusive towards them. Referees have a hard job with no linesmen and can make mistakes. We have a few new refs, young ones who want to climb the ladder, some refs do not want to do certain teams, we all have different opinions on the laws of the game, but without refs, we couldnít play, so try and treat them with respect.

Next meeting 7th December 2018.