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Minutes of BSF Over 35s Football League meeting  -  7th September 2018
held at Bolton Cricket Club

In Attendance N.Smith, A.Amhed, J.Riley, K.Stephens, and delegates from each team.


N.Smith. - read and signed August 2018 minutes as a true copy, and welcomed all old and new teams.


J.Riley. - Hindley Town have folded from Division 2 so there will be no free weeks in this Division. Whoever are down to play Hindley will, if possible, play the team with a free week.

Matchcards and Handbooks handed out. Results to be phoned in or texted by Sunday 7pm and must include goal scorers. Home team responsible to ring in the result to John Riley.


K.Stephens.- All teams must contact allocated referee, asap Fri night / Sat morning at the latest. All refs contacts are on the website and in the handbooks.


A.Ahmed.- All list of players names to be sent to him before Sunday. USB stick with all photo IDs must be in by the October meeting. Transfers and extra players over the allowed 25 players per team will cost 5 per player. Both teams must agree to transfer a player.


Sam Ashworth 1st Round Cup Draw, was made, -

Gidlow Athletic v Wigan Town

Royal Farnworth v Bury Seniors

Lever Arms v Bar Lane Bowling Club

Radcliffe Vets B / Atherton Town v Old Bolts

Salford Waggon v Heaton Casuals

Radcliffe Old Boys B v Wyresdale

Unity Brook v Queen Lizzy

Radcliffe Vets A v Barr Hill

Failsworth v Horwich St Marys

Radcliffe Old Boys A v Tika Taka

B.L.G.C. v Rochdale Sports

Dobbies B v Deans Youth

Moss Bank v Turton

P.F. Bury v Tavern

Radcliffe Town v Dobbies A

Salford Victoria V Ainsworth


Div 1 Cup Draw

Radcliffe Vets A v Salford Waggon  or  Rochdale Sports

Barr Hill v Bar Lane Bowling Club

Salford Victoria v Dobbies A

Radcliffe Old Boys A v Queen Lizzy



Div 2 Cup Draw

Old Bolts v Failsworth

Tika Taka v Horwich St Marys

Turton v Radcliffe Town

Dobbies B v B.L.G.C.


Next Meeting  Friday 5th October 2018