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Minutes of BSF Over 35s Football League meeting  -  5th May 2017
held at Bolton Cricket Club


In Attendance:  N.Smith, J. Riley, A.Amhed, S.Stott, K.Stephens and delegates from each team except Ainsworth A+B, Bamford Arms, Bar Hill, Bury Seniors, Deans Youth, Digmoor, Elton, Golborne, Heaton Casuals, Heaton Vets, Mersey Valley A+B, Mitchells, P.F.Bury, Queen Lizzy.

Apologies from Phil Ashton and Heaton Vets.

All remaining fixtures are on the website and must be completed. The League has been extended to 23rd May. Any games not played by this date will be counted as void.

The presentation of cups and medals, will be done at the AGM on the Friday 2nd of June. All teams must attend.
Teams must make sure that they top up bond money at this meeting.

Fines for Non-Attendance at meetings must be paid at next meeting on 2nd June if you intend to be playing next season.
 Ainsworth A/B - 70,   Barr Hill - 40,   Bamford Arms - 60,   BLGC - 20,    Bury Seniors - 20,   Deans Youth & Ladies - 100,   Elton Liberal - 70,
Home Guard Failsworth - 60,   Golborne Parkside - 80,   Heaton Casuals - 10,   Heaton Vets - 20,   Hindsford Vets - 50,   Mersey Valley A/B - 20,   Mitchells Unicorn - 50,
North Walkden - 30,   Queen Lizzy - 40,   Radcliffe Old Boys A/B - 30,   Salford Victoria - 90.

The following are up to date - Astley Bridge Vets,   Atherton Town Vets,   Bolton Wyresdale,   Digmoor,   Dobbies,   Old Boltonians,   PF Bury,   Turton Bay Mare.

And any new rules will be voted on.

Well done to all teams that have won cups and medals and to all those that have not for making it a great league to be involved in.

P.S.  All teams need to be at the A.G.M. on Friday 2nd June 2017 at Bolton Cricket Club.

Next meeting Friday 2nd June 2017 at Bolton Cricket Club.