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Minutes of BSF Over 35s Football League meeting  -  3rd February 2017
held at Bolton Cricket Club


 In Attendance: J.Riley, N. Smith, S.Stott, A.Amhed, K.Stephens and delegates from each team,
except- Ainsworth A/B, Bamford Arms, Barhill, B.L.G.C, Deans Youth, Digmoor, Elton Libs, Hindsford,
Mersey Valley A / B, Mitchells, Queen Lizzy, Radcliffe Old Boys A/B, Salford Victoria, Turton Bay Mare.

 N.Smith: Roll call and reading of January minutes and signed as true copy.

 The draw took place for the semi-finals of the cups:

 Sam Ashworth Trophy

Heaton Vets / Radcliffe Old Boys A  v  Walkden / Old Boltonians
Astley Bridge / Salford Victoria  v  AFC Dobbies

 Div 1 Cup

Barrhill /Digmoor  v  Salford Victoria / Turton Bay Mare
Bamford / Mitchells  v  Mersey Valley A / NorthWalkden

Div 2 Cup

Mersey Valley B  v  Radcliffe Boro A / Golborne
Radcliffe Vets / B.L.G.C,  v  Heaton Vets

Div 3 Cup

Bolton Wyresdale / Elton Liberals  v  Home Guard Failsworth / Radcliffe Old Boys B
AFC Dobbies  v  Ainsworth B / Atherton Town

 Cup games to be played on 19th February. 

Next meeting 3rd March 2017 at Bolton Cricket Club