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Minutes of BSF Over 35s Football League meeting  -  1st July 2016
held at Bolton Cricket Club

In Attendance:- N.Smith, P.Ashton, J. Riley, A.Ahmed, S.Stott, N. Shine, K.Stephens and delegates from each team,
                 except - Atherton Town, Ainsworth A +B, Cheers Bar, Ashtonians, Astley Bridge, Barr Hill, Moorside, Breightmet B, North Walkden, Elton Liberal, Golbourne, PFBury.


N.Smith read the April minutes read and signed as a true copy.


J.Riley reported all remaining fixtures are on website and as long as fixtures go ahead as planned, we should get season finished.


S.Stott had all games covered and saidwe have an additional two referees on board.


N.Shine said 31st of May is the deadline to sign / transfer players. This will change to 31st March next season.


A.Ahmed stressed that all teams must pay all fines and be up to date with bonds, or will not be able to play.


K.Stephens said the next meeting, on 3rd June, will be the AGM when any rule changes will be voted on. All teams should attend.


Minutes of July 2016 meeting


In Attendance -N.Smith, J. Riley, A.Ahmed, Simon Stott, N.Shine,  K.Stephens.


Apologies from- P.Ashton, Barr Hill,  Golbourne,  Astley Bridge, Brieghtmet A and Heaton Casuals


No Fines this month for non-attendance.


N.Smith - Minutes of AGM read and signed as true copy.

Teams reminded to have all application forms filled in and handed to Secretary K.Stephens, as teams not putting forms in may be excluded from league.


A.Ahmed read out a list of teams owing money and told teams that the money for this seasonís fees, and any monies owing, will be due at the next meeting.


K.Stephens collected forms from teams and gave forms out to teams that hadnít filled them out, and reminded teams that they could be downloaded from the website and could be sent to him by email, text, or post, asap.


N.Smith, we are looking to start the league on the first Sunday in September 2016,

The Committee will decide on the league format, at the end of meeting.


Next Meeting 5th august 2016  7-15pm at Bolton Cricket Club



League formation as follows:-

Division 1                                                                              Division 2

Hindsford  (was Atherton Town)                                         Astley Bridge

North Walkden                                                                      Heaton Vets  (was Breightmet A)

Mitchells Unicorn                                                                  Old Boltonians

Turton Baymare                                                                     Bolton Lads and Girls Club

Queen Lizzy                                                                          Golbourne Parkside Vets

Digmoor                                                                                Ashtonians

Mersey Valley Vets                                                               Chorlton Sports

Barr Hill                                                                                 Ainsworth A

Bamford Arms  (was Spotland)                                            Radcliffe Boro A

Salford Vic Belmont  (was Moorside)                                  Hooley Bridge Celtic


Division 3

Failsworth Homeguard Vets


Bolton Wyresdale


Radcliffe Boro B

Heaton Casuals

Ainsworth B

Bury Seniors

Elton Liberals

Atherton Town Vets (was Cross Guns)