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Minutes of BSF Over 35s Football League meeting  -  5th February 2016
held at Bolton Cricket Club

In Attendance; N.Smith, J.Riley, P.Ashton, S.Stott, K.Stephens and representatives from all teams, except:-  Moorside, Elton, Failsworth, Bury Seniors, Golbourne, Ashtonians, Ainsworth A, Ainsworth B, B.L.G.C.

Apologies: - N.Shine and A.Ahmed

Minutes of January meeting were read out by N.Smith, and signed as a true record.

Match Secretary J.Riley said if the weather picks up over the next week or so, we may still be able to complete the fixtures, but could end up playing midweek games.
Another option is to apply for an extension to the league, but this will depend on councils keeping the pitches open.

The cup draw was made for the Divisional Cup Semi-finals, drawn by J.Riley and P.Ashton.


Turton Bay Mare  or  Digmoor     v     North Walkden  or  Cheers Bar

Radcliffe Old Boys A     v     Moorside Rangers  or  Mitchells Unicorn

Div 2

Golbourne  or  PF Bury     v     Ashtonians  or  Astley Bridge

Mersey Valley     v     B.L.G.C.  or  Barr Hill Priory

Div 3

Elton Libs  or  Breightmet United B     v     Cross Guns

Spotland Social     v     Bolton Wyresdale

 Quarter finals to be played on 21st February 2016.

Semi finals to be played on 6th March 2016.

Teams reminded that last signing on date is 31st May but must play at least 3 games for signed Club to be allowedto play in a semi-final or final (Rule 2).

Next Meeting is 4th March 2016 at Bolton Cricket Club.