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Minutes of BSF Over 35s Football League meeting  -  July 3rd 2015
held at Bolton Cricket Club

In attendance:- K.Stephens, S.Stott, N.Shine, N.Smith, P.Ashton, J.Riley and delegates of each team, except Moorside Rangers, Cheers Bar, Old Boltonians, Daten, Whitefield Cons.

1. Apologies from Aamar Ahmed.

2. Chairman. Reading of minutes from AGM, signed as a true record.

3. K.Stephens collected application forms from all teams.

4. Collection of monies, by P.Ashton and J.Riley

5. N.Shine - registration of each player must include:- date of birth, full address, including postcode, and contact number.

6. New Teams - Spotland Social Vets, Breightmet B and Heaton CC welcomed to the League,

7. 28 application forms handed in, 5 teams missing. J.Riley going to contact missing teams.

8. It was decided that it could be 3 divisions of 11 teams :-

Div 1 - Salford Waggon, Atherton Town, Turton Bay Mare, Queen Lizzy, Moorside Rangers, Radcliffe A, Daten, Cheers Bar, Walkden, Mitchells Unicorn, Digmoor,

Div 2, Astley Bridge, Radcliffe B, Golborne, Bolton Lads and Girls Club, Chorlton, Old Boltonians, Ashtonians, Ainsworth A, PF Bury,
          Mersey Valley Vets, (Formally Broadway Vets ), Breightmet A.

Div 3. Ainsworth B, Dobbies A, Dobbies B, Failsworth, Cross Guns, Wyersdale, Elton Liberal, Radcliffe C, Breightmet B, Heaton CC, Spotland Social.

9. Looking to start games on 6th September 2015.

Next meeting  -  7th August 2015


Minutes of Meeting held at Bolton Cricket Club 7th August 2015,

In Attendance: N.Smith, P.Ashton, J.Riley, A.Ahmed, N.Shine, K.Stephens, and delegates of each team.

1: Apologies from Simon Stott.

2: N.Smith: Reading of July Minutes, and signed as a true record.

3: A.Ahmed: Lists of outstanding fines and fees due, and receipts given from last meeting.

4: J.Riley: It was decided that teams wishing to cancel Wednesday night matches in September could do so without penalty, but teams were urged to try and get the games played if possible.

5: N.Shine: All teams notified, that he needs a full list of all players, old and new, and must include - full postal address, including postcode, date of birth, and contact number.

6: P.Ashton and N.Smith  drew the first round of the Sam Ashworth Trophy.   Ties to be played on 11th October

Dobbies A v North Walkden

Mersey Valley v Chorlton Sports

Wyresdale v Atherton Town

Cross Guns v Breightmet B

Radcliffe C v Radcliffe B

Turton v Spotland

Ashtonians v Elton Liberal

Failsworth v Heaton Casuals

PF Bury v Moorside Rangers

Queen Lizzy v Mitchells Unicorn

Golborne v Astley Bridge

Breightmet A v Radcliffe A

Barr Hill v Ainsworth B

Cheers Bar v Dobbies B

Digmoor v Ainsworth A

Old Boltonians v B.L.G.C.


7   Division 1 Cup Prelims

Digmoor v Queen Lizzy

Atherton Town v Mitchells Unicorn


Division 2 Cup Prelims

Ainsworth A v Old Boltonians

Astley Bridge v Chorlton Sports

Breightmet A v Barr Hill Priory


Division 3 Cup Prelims

Wyresdale v Radcliffe C

Ainsworth B v Cross Guns

Spotland v Dobbies A


8   A.Ahmed listed monies owed for extra trophies.