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(September 2001)

The rules of the Trophy Fund set out below are subject to overriding conditions that no payment is made for loss or damage to any trophy not intended to be presented i.e. retained as an asset or stock or to any other trophy which is caused by or contributed to by carelessness, intention, neglect or use other than that intended.

1.   The object of the Fund is to set aside a sum of money which will be devoted to the replacement or repair of Trophies belonging to the Bolton Sports Federation (B.S.F.) when loss or damage is caused by theft or accident.

2.   The Fund will be vested in the B.S.F. Executive Committee (the Committee).

3.   The Fund will only cover the time that the Trophy is under the control of the B.S.F. or its Member Leagues.

4.   All Leagues must maintain a record of each of its trophies detailing the value, engraving thereon, the current custodian and a photograph.

5.   All Leagues will be entitled to benefit from the Fund.

6.   The amount of money which will be allocated to the Fund shall be decided annually at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee may from time to time allocate additional monies as and when required.

7.   The Fund will be accounted for separately.

8.   All claims must be lodged with the Committee Secretary as soon as it is clear that a claim may be made under these rules and any subsequent payment will be made at the discretion of the Committee.

9.   All claims must be accompanied by a copy of the League record relating to the Trophy and, in the case of loss by theft, a Crime Reference Number.

10.   The recovery/return of any lost Trophy must be notified immediately to the Committee Secretary.

11.   Any League withdrawing, being expelled or suspended from the B.S.F. shall forfeit all claim on the Fund.

12.   No officer or other member of the Committee shall be personally liable for any claim on the Fund.

13.   If at any time the total monies in the Fund shall be insufficient to meet a claim, payment will be made at the discretion of the Committee.

14.   Any matter not provided for in any of the foregoing rules shall be dealt with by the Committee as they deem fit.