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(Revised January 2016)

1. The association is the "Bolton Sports Federation". All Leagues have the title “Bolton Sports Federation ........... League” (or abbreviated to the “BSF ............... League.”)
2. The Federation is comprised of Clubs and Organisations ("clubs") formed into Leagues to promote the physical and social development and welfare of all the members. In order to achieve this purpose, it will encourage the initiation and formation of organised games/leagues and competitions.
3. The appropriate League Committee and afterwards the Executive Committee or a Sub-Committee elected by the Executive Committee, which has the power to act at short notice, shall consider and approve the qualifications of all clubs within the meaning of these rules.
4.  All League committees shall adopt a Constitution approved by the Executive Committee.
5.  Organisations applying for federation must have the approval of the Executive Committee.
6.  Federated Leagues shall pay annual fees as decided at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), currently £1 per team plus 10p per player.
7.  Each club having a federated team may elect one representative, whose name and address when submitted to the Secretary may attend the AGM together with the Officials, Executive Committee and ex-officio members.
8. After at least fourteen days' notice in the local press for the information of clubs, the AGM shall take place not later than the 31st January in each year.
9. The AGM shall elect a President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, one Auditor and twelve members to hold office for three years. These together with one nominated representative (who may send a substitute) of each League will form the Executive Committee. During their term of office, the Committee may co-opt up to six further members. The President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall be ex-officio on all committees. The AGM may also elect Vice-Presidents who shall hold office for an indefinite period. Each League will submit the name of one non-committee member to act as Auditor, together with the Federation Auditor, for its own audit.
10. No Officer of the Executive Committee or any member League shall have the power to act on behalf of the BSF without the consent of the Executive Committee.
11. The Executive Committee shall meet as agreed when necessary, but not less than three times per year, to transact the business of the Federation.

Any member of the Executive Committee who shall be absent from three consecutive meetings without adequate reason shall cease to be a member. The approval of minutes of all Leagues and sub-committees takes place at each meeting.

13. There must be a regular reporting to the Executive Committee by the BSF Officers and the individual members Leagues through their Officers.
14. Seven members shall form a quorum for an Executive Committee Meeting and three for a sub-committee meeting.
15. The formation of Emergency Sub-Committees and Appeal Boards shall be at the discretion of the Chairman and Secretary.
16. For all ordinary purposes of voting, a show of hands shall decide the question unless the Chairman shall decide otherwise. The Chairman shall only have a vote in the event of an equal number of votes, when the Chairman shall have the casting vote.
17. Rules and amendments to rules shall be dealt with at the AGM or at an Extraordinary General Meeting convened for that purpose. Proposed amendments to rules which require to be dealt with at the AGM shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary, five weeks prior to the commencement of the last Executive Meeting held before the AGM. To convene an extraordinary General Meeting, the Secretary must receive a requisition signed by not less than ten members of the Executive Committee or fifteen federated clubs. Such requisition shall state the purpose of the meeting and only the matters stated thereon form the agenda for such a meeting. The meeting takes place within one month from the date of receipt of the requisition by the Secretary and after not less than fourteen days' notice.
18. The administration of the funds and the safekeeping of the trophies of the member Leagues is the responsibility of each respective League on behalf of the Bolton Sports Federation.
19. All trophies held by the member leagues and the executive are recorded at their true value annually by the end of April with the BSF Treasurer. A fund known as the Trophy Fund shall be set up and maintained by the Executive Committee to provide for the replacement or repair of trophies in the event of theft or accidental damage. Such a fund shall have its own rules relating to its formation, size and the procedure for Clubs to make claims upon it. The fund is at all times vested in and under the control of the Executive Committee.
20. Competitors shall conform to the rules and regulations of the League of which they are members.
21. Competitors shall be amateurs. For the purpose of these rules, an amateur is one who does not receive remuneration or consideration of any kind directly or indirectly, whilst representing their club in a Federation competition.
22. All competitors shall register with each League. Each league will collect the full name of the competitor and any other details required for the operational needs of the League. It must be understood that each competitor agrees to conform to the rules of the League and understands the potential hazards and agrees that the League is not liable for any accident, injury or loss. Forms shall be countersigned by the Club Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer. An email or other electronic registration from such an official shall carry the same standing as a written form. It is understood that Club Officials will have enquired into the qualifications of such competitor and that he or she is duly qualified to compete in accordance with the rules of the Federation and League. The League must have suitable rules in place that clearly define any player’s eligibility for any particular match. Registered players wishing to transfer to another Club must declare their previous Club has been advised. Such transfers must be approved by the League Committee.
23. Sunday games are subject to the approval of the Executive Committee and on the condition that no disciplinary action is taken against players who refuse to take part.
24. The Executive Committee shall ensure that the central funds are always at an adequate level.
25. No League Committee shall have power to grant honoraria to any official/s or for any other purpose without first obtaining the sanction of the Executive Committee.
26. The Treasurer shall pay all accounts and be generally responsible for the finances of the Federation. He shall not pay any accounts until submission to the Executive Committee for approval with the initials of the Chairman who presided at the meeting. Immediately after the end of September in each year, the Treasurer shall prepare and submit an Income & Expenditure Account to the Auditor for approval and report. The Income & Expenditure Account shall, after audit, be submitted to the Executive Committee for their approval and then to the AGM the following January.
27. All monies collected by Leagues on behalf of the BSF Executive go to the BSF Treasurer within 28 days of collection, if practical.
28. The Federation Auditor shall audit the Federation accounts as referred to in Rule 26 above, also the accounts of the federated Leagues, after which they shall give a report to the Executive Committee and later to the AGM. To enable the Auditor to carry out his duties, the Federation Treasurer and the various League Treasurers and Auditors must attend their respective audits, and supply all particulars and such information as the Auditor may require.
29. Any matter not provided for in any of the foregoing rules shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee as they deem fit.


1. The Executive will only consider appeals when the procedures of the appellant’s League are complete and a fee of £15 accompanies it. An upheld appeal will result in the return of the fee. The associated League will cover the costs.
2.  All appeals shall be in writing to the Secretary of the Executive within fourteen days of receipt of the League decision.
3.  A hearing takes place within fourteen days of receipt.

The appellant and associated League Secretary, or deputy, will be responsible for supplying all relevant information in writing to the Appeal Board, seven days prior to the hearing.

5.  A minimum of three Executive Members will form an Appeal Board.
6.  All Appeal Board members shall have no connection with the appellant or associated League.
7.  A maximum of two persons each may represent the appellant and associated League. They shall be Federated Members or elected officials.
8.   Appeal Board decisions are verbal, provided both parties are present. The Secretary confirms them in writing within seven days.
9.  Appeal Boards may defer a decision for a maximum of seven days.