Bolton Sports Federation Ladies' Rounders League
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Fixtures for Week Commencing  -  Monday 17th August 2020 (Week 17)


Venue / Ref / Score
Tue Hi Q Fabs v Walkden Social Circle A (Tailored XI)
Tue Leverhulme Ladies v Darcy Lever C&SC B (Apollo Ladies)
Wed Little Lever XI A v W.M.B Ladies A (Mary Harrison)
Thu Future XI v Tailored XI (Little Lever Queen Anne)
Thu Moss Bank Ladies v Darcy Lever C&SC A (Mary Harrison)


Venue / Ref / Score

Mon Westhoughton Ladies v Walkden Social Circle B (Arthurs)
Tue Church Hotel v Redgate (AJ's)
Tue Tobutt Sports Ladies v AJF Commercial (Future XI)
Wed ABC XI v Apollo Ladies (Walkden Social Circle)
Wed Davies XI v Pike Ladies (Graham Palmer)


Venue / Ref / Score

Tue Egerton Ladies v Little Lever Sports Club A (Deb Booth)
Tue Little Lever Queen Anne v Adlington XI (Doreen Perkin)
Wed Aspull Ladies XI v Royal Bolton Hospital (AJF Commercial)
Wed Wallys Dollys v Allstars (Darcy Lever C&SC)
Thu Wallys Eleven v Bishops Ladies (Graham Palmer)


Venue / Ref / Score

Mon AJ's v Beaumont XI (Joanne Holden)
Mon Carestaff Solutions v Spring Green XI (Moss Bank Ladies)
Mon K.C. Ladies v Blake Laurence A (Mick Dargan)
Tue Hillbilys A v W.M.B Ladies B (Smiths Ladies)
Thu Darcy Lever C&SC C v A L Ladies (Tobutt Sports Ladies)


Venue / Ref / Score

Mon Chorley Ladies v Price's (Graham Palmer)
Tue Lower Pools v Vital Energi (Rebecca Kay)
Wed Adlington Cricket Club v Staff UK (Redgate)
Thu Northwest H & P Ltd XI v Lizzies Lunches (Westhoughton Ladies)
Thu Sacred XI v Horwich RMI (Pike Ladies)


Venue / Ref / Score

Tue Frankies XI v Trafford (K.C. Ladies)
Wed Fryers XI v Tom Gallagher XI (Lower Pools)
Wed Highfield XI v BCC Girls (Price's)
Wed Hulmey's XI v Heaton Ladies (Hi Q Fabs)
Wed Rische XI v Hough Fold Ladies (Sacred XI)


Venue / Ref / Score

Tues Daves v BLS Ladies (Horwich RMI)
Tues Farnworth Social Circle CC v Darcy Lever C&SC D (Lizzies Lunches)
Tues Hulton Lane Ladies v Impression Ladies (Hough Fold Ladies)
Tues Scissor Sisters v AGA (Hulmey's XI )
Thurs American Express v LL Ladies (Rische XI)


Venue / Ref / Score

Mon Kept Fit v Crompton XI (Hulton Lane Ladies)
Wed BSFC Ladies v Sankey Ladies (Impression Ladies)
Wed Smiths Ladies v Clifton Designs (Jennifer Fairclough)
Thu Timothy's Ladies v Ladies Taverners (MTK Catering)
>>>  Horwich Town Rounders Club A v <<<Open Date>>>  


Venue / Ref / Score

Mon BEP's Ladies v Heaton XI (Leverhulme Ladies)
Tue Little Lever XI B v Little Lever Sports Club B (Ladies Taverners)
Tue P.Arthur Auto's v ASK Drinks Ladies (Royal Bolton Hospital)
Tue Westhoughton CC Ladies v MTK Catering (Kept Fit)
Wed Hillbilys B v Dixon Skips (Little Lever Sports Club)


Venue / Ref / Score

Tue Bradshaw XI v Arthurs (LL Ladies )
Tue Fernhill Farm Stables v The Grapes (Moss Bank XI)
Wed New Inn XI v Farnworth Ladies (Scissor Sisters)
Thu Aspiration XI v Anderton XI (Rivington Ladies)
>>>  <<<Open Date>>> v Smithills Open Farm  


Venue / Ref / Score

Mon Breightmet XI v Tracy's Melts (New Inn XI)
Tue Rivington Ladies v MRC's (Sankey Ladies)
Wed M&D v Silver Birch Ladies (P.Arthur Auto's)
Wed Moss Bank XI v Kearsley Cricket Club (TLC Ladies)
Thu Westhoughton CC Vixens v Mad Hatters (Turton Wines)


Venue / Ref / Score

Wed Blackrod Cricket Club Ladies v ADM Ladies (Mad Hatters)
Wed Blake Laurence B v Hilltops XI (Queen Bees)
Wed New Farmers Ladies v B&A Ladies (Over Hulton Community Group)
Thu 25th Bolton Ladies v The Queen Anne (Kearsley Cricket Club)
>>>  <<<Open Date>>> v TLC Ladies  


Venue / Ref / Score

Mon Harper Rose XI v Over Hulton Community Group (M&D)
Tue Tonge Fold XI v BCAC (New Farmers Ladies)
Wed Green Gazelles v Horwich Town Rounders Club B (MRC's)
Thu Sunseekers v Queen Bees (The Grapes)
>>>  <<<Open Date>>> v Turton Wines