C O M P E T I T I O N    R U L E S   (updated November 2019)

1. Rounders shall be played according to the recognised Laws of the Game and under the Rules of the League as revised by the Committee. Any point not covered by these rules shall be decided by the Committee, and afterwards be subject to the confirmation of the Bolton Sports Federation Executive.

2. Suggested alterations to the laws and rules may be put forward by registered clubs or by members of the committee and must reach the Secretary by the second Friday in September. Referees may make proposals via their elected representative.

3. No team will be allowed to compete in the League without equitable Civil Liability Insurance cover.


4. A non-returnable Guarantee fee of £20.00 shall be paid by each new team upon entering the League. Any team failing to complete its fixtures, or failing to pay monies within 21 days of the date sent, shall lose its guarantee and will be suspended from the League until its guarantee has been restored. The League will recover all costs incurred as a result of any action by a Club. All outstanding debts must be cleared before a team can be re-admitted to the League.

5. On a date to be decided by the Committee, each team shall pay the sum of £100.00 made up as follows :-

Accident Fund £10.00
15 Fixture Books £22.50
Entry Fee £20.00
Collective Registration Fee £25.00
Federation Fee £  2.50
Two compulsory dance tickets £20.00

Any team not paying these fees by the due date will be fined £25 and may be refused admission to the League.

6. All fees should be paid to the Treasurer by Debit Card Payment or Cheque which must be made payable to:- “B.S.F. ROUNDERS LEAGUE”, unless requested to pay otherwise.

7. Any team not attending to collect fixture books on the due date will be fined £25.


8. All registration forms must be received by the League Secretary at the AGM. A team failing to comply with this rule may be ineligible to play in the League and their acceptance will be at the discretion of the Committee.

9. Any club competing in two sections, or more, shall submit the names of their best ten available (starred) for each of their highest team to the League Secretary no later than 31st December. Any team not complying will be fined £20. Unstarred players can only play for teams which are up to 2 sections lower e.g. ‘A’ Sec unstarred players can only play for their club teams that are in ‘B’ or ‘C’ Section. All club team players can play up e.g. ‘D’ section players can play for their club if they have a team in A, B and C sections but the unstarred players cannot play for club teams lower than ‘F’ sec. Starred players cannot play for a team competing in a lower section. The committee reserves the right to review starrings at any time.

If any club wishes to amend its lists of starred players, they have to be submitted to the Committee for consideration.

10. Clubs with two teams playing in the same section must register as separate teams.

11. Players may register for only one club within the Bolton Rounders League. Players who have been suspended from any other League may not register in this League for the duration of the suspension. Registered players who are knowingly pregnant will not be allowed to play for their club in any game under the jurisdiction of this League.

12. Player registrations appearing on more than one form are invalid. The name of the player must be referred, by the League Secretary, to the clubs concerned.

13. No player may play for two teams in one week within this League. Any multi-team club player listed on the match card as a substitute but who does not play may then play for another team in that week subject to other rules.

14. All player registrations should be sent to the Registration Secretary before 30th June. Applications will only be accepted after this date in exceptional circumstances, and at the discretion of the committee. A registration form may only be submitted to and completed by any committee member who is independent of the club submitting the form. Team secretaries must hold a receipt of registration before a player is eligible to play.

15. Players applying for registration after teams have been sectionised, who have played in a higher section within the previous three years, will require permission from the full Committee.

Each application, on a registration form, must be accompanied by a fee of £2.50 per player.

16. No player may register with more than one club in this competition during any one season, unless permission to transfer is given by the Committee and on payment of a re-registration fee of £2.50.   Any player seeking a transfer must personally write a letter saying why she wishes to change clubs. The letter may be on the back of, or attached to, the completed registration form. Until approval is received, the player will remain eligible to play for her current club. Any request to move to a lower section club must be considered by the full committee who meet monthly. Once approval is confirmed by the League Secretary to the new Club Secretary, the player will no longer be eligible to play for the old club as they will be a member of the new Club.

The date when the player is then eligible to play for the new club will be on the receipt provided by the Registration Secretary.

17. Registered players may only play" Flat Bat" Rounders in this and any other league associated with The Bolton Sports Federation.

18. Players must notify the Registration Secretary of change of name/address on a “Change of Circumstances” form.

19. No team can borrow players from any other club.

20. Any team found playing an ineligible player will be subjected to disciplinary action by the Committee and may be expelled from the League and their record expunged. Their future entry to the League will be governed by the Committee.

21. All questions of eligibility, disqualification of players and interpretation of rules, protests and disputes, shall be referred to the Committee whose decision shall afterwards be subject to the confirmation of the B.S.F. Executive. Any member of the Committee interested or concerned in any dispute, claim or protest, shall not remain in the room whilst the case is being decided.

22. Should there be any dispute, or incident likely to lead to a dispute, in any match, this must be reported to the Secretary in writing within seven days.


23. The Committee shall divide the League into sections at their discretion.

24. The points to decide the competition shall be as follows:- a win - two points, a draw - one point each.

25 The competing teams shall play home and away matches against each other. Teams scoring the highest number of points at the end of the season shall be presented with a winner’s trophy and 14 championship mementoes. Teams finishing second in each section will receive a runner’s up trophy and 14 mementoes. In the event of a tie, a deciding match or matches shall be played as directed by the Match Secretary

26 Any playoffs which remain unresolved at the end of the playoff week as per Competition Rule 24 will result in all teams being awarded joint placings.

27. The Committee have the authority to award or deduct points at their discretion.

28. Any team failing to attend for a League fixture, or attending with less than the minimum number of players (6), will be fined £20.00 and will pay the referee’s fee, in full. Two points will be deducted from their League record. The game will be rearranged by the Match Secretary. Any team conceding a play-off match will be fined £40 + £12 referee fee and the game will not be replayed subject to B.S.F. Fundamental Rules.

29. All League matches to be completed by mid-September.


30. Each team must provide a competent scorer. A player shall score if no scorer is available. A player/scorer may only swap with a player/scorer at the half-time interval. In the event of an injured player, they may swap at any time. A scorer arriving late may swap with a player/scorer at any time providing the team has less than eleven players. Nobody under the age of fourteen is allowed to score.

31. Home teams must provide suitable seating for both scorers.


32. Matches during April and August must start by 6.45pm. Other matches must start no later than 7.00pm. Late starts will be liable to a fine of £5.00. The referee must put the starting time on the match card and indicate any team responsible for a late start.

33. Match Cards must be completed in Block Capitals and include the week number the game was originally scheduled to be played in.

34. Players names must be entered on the match card before the game starts and both captains should sign the completed card. The home club secretary is responsible for ensuring that photograph of both sides of the match card is taken and may be e-mailed to the Results Secretary within 48 hours of the commencement of the match. If e-mailed, the match cards must be retained by Club Secretaries until notified by the League Secretary. A £15.00 fine will be imposed for late or incomplete cards and cards giving wrong results or names.

35. Discrepancies found in the score books after the match card has been signed, must be reported to the League Secretary within 48 hours of the match being played, who will take the appropriate action.


36. ‘Permission to play’ documentation for teams using any venue/ground other than a Bolton Council Parks pitch must be received by the League Secretary by Fee Paying Night. Teams may name a second ground which can be utilized where their first Home ground is not available and ‘Permission to play’ documentation must also be received by the League Secretary by Fee Paying Night. Notification of the use of this ground must be given to the Match Secretary.

37. Grounds must be marked out properly by the home Club. Any Club failing to turn up with a complete pitch by the start time of a game will be fined £25. The home team must have available, a suitable measuring tape, if required by the referee.

38. All matches must be played on the dates arranged. Both teams must appear on the appointed ground at the appointed time, regardless of ground and weather conditions. Should any question arise as to the ground being unfit, the final decision must be made by the referee unless the ground has been closed by the owner or agent. A team failing to appear will be subject to disciplinary action by the Committee.


39 Abandoned matches must be re-played in their entirety. Where one team has completed two innings and the other team is leading when the match is stopped, this shall count as a win.

40. All rearranged games must be re-played within 14 days wherever possible. The Match Secretary and Referees' Secretary must be told immediately a game is abandoned and notified of the re-arranged date. If teams cannot agree a suitable date for the replay within 14 days, a date will be arranged by the Match Secretary.


41. Each team will be allowed a maximum of three substitutes in any match for any reason. The referee should be notified when a substitution is being made. Once substituted, a player may take no further part in the game.

42. “TACTICAL” substitutions may only be made during the half-time interval.

43. Substitutes' names must be entered on the match card and score books.

44. If a player, injured during a match, is unable to carry on playing, she may be substituted immediately.

45. The League Secretary should be notified immediately of any injury likely to result in a claim on the Accident Fund.


46. All teams must nominate TWO referees, who must be 18 or over by the first day of the season, or will not be accepted into the League. Both referees must attend at least one appropriate referees’ meeting. Failure of any nominated referee to attend and register will result in a fine of £25.00 for the club, payable by the nominated referee at a specially convened meeting. All teams are required to provide a nominated referee when called upon. Those teams whose nominated referee or replacement fails to attend a match will be fined £30.00 for the first occurrence, increasing by £30.00 for each subsequent occurrence and their entry into the League will be at the discretion of the Committee. Teams must honour their refereeing fixtures sent to them by the Referees Secretary and only nominated referees may officiate at matches.

47. A referee, or replacement, failing to appear on the ground, may be subject to disciplinary action by the committee.

48. Should an official referee, or nominated reserve, fail to attend for a match, both captains shall sign the match card before the game, agreeing to a nominated referee who takes charge of the game and who shall act for that match as if he/she were the official referee.

49. The match referee shall be paid £6.00 expenses by each team. The referee should be paid BEFORE commencement of the game. If no match is played, each team shall pay £3.00 travelling expenses. The full amount must be paid if the match is abandoned. Clubs failing to pay referee’s expenses will be fined £6.00. No fees may be paid to any referee under any circumstances.

50. The referee has authority over a match from arrival on the field until departure following the signing of the match card.

51. Referees are required to SIGN and PRINT their names on the match cards.

52. The use of scoring aids by a referee is not allowed.

53. The use of umbrellas by referees during a game will not be allowed.

54. The Referees' Secretary must be notified of a referee's connection with any club.


55. Teams in sections “A”-“C” to play for the Chadwick Cup;
       teams in sections “D” - “F” to play for the Dixon Shield;
       teams in sections “G”- “I” to play for the Blackburn Trophy;
       teams in sections “J” - “L” to play for the Pike Trophy;
       teams in section “M” to play for the Horwich Trophy.

56. All cup matches to be played on the date and at a time set by the Match Secretary who will give as much notice as possible. Teams shall toss for choice of innings in all rounds. Should a match be postponed/abandoned due to bad weather, the responsibility of completing the match before the date of the next round, rests with the opposing captains or their elected representatives. The Match Secretary and Referees' Secretary must be told immediately a game is abandoned and notified of the re-arranged date. When mutual agreement cannot be reached within the specified time, the final decision will be made by the Match Secretary. Clubs may be called upon to play matches at short notice and shall provide an alternative phone number for contact.

57. Any team failing to attend for a cup fixture, or attending with less than the minimum number of players (6), will be fined £40-00, will pay the referee’s fee in full and be excluded from the cup competition for the season.

58. Dates for Semi-finals and Finals will be announced as soon as a venue has been agreed by the Committee.

59. First named teams are responsible for setting up the pitch, providing balls, match cards and scorers’ chairs for semi-finals.

60. Any player having played in the Chadwick Cup, Dixon Shield, Blackburn Shield, Pike Shield, Horwich Shield or any other cup competition will not be allowed to play for any other team during the same season in any of these competitions, i.e. the player becomes “cup tied”.

61. Invitations are welcomed from clubs wishing to stage cup finals, semi-finals and inter-league matches. These should be forwarded to the Match Secretary by 30th November.  The Committee may allocate matches from the offers received.

62. No matches shall be scheduled to clash with Chadwick Cup, Dixon, Blackburn, Pike, Horwich Shields or any other cup finals. This will also apply to all unresolved finals whenever possible.


61. Correspondence should be dated, otherwise the post date or E-mail date will be taken should any dispute arise. The League Secretary must receive all responses within 7 days of request.

62. Two copies of all protests, accompanied by a fee of £1, must reach the League Secretary within seven days of the match. A copy must be sent by the League Secretary to the club protested against. The fee will be returned if the protest is upheld.


63. A smoking ban will be imposed on all people (players, scorers and referee) actively involved in a game whilst the game is in progress.

64. The League should be conducted in a sporting manner. Irregularities on the part of any club should be immediately reported to the League Secretary. This does not necessarily mean a protest and would be treated confidentially, until submitted in writing. Any teams causing concern can be subjected to 3 disciplinary procedures, unless the level of seriousness warrants immediate action by the Committee.

          ·  1st offence- team will receive a written warning via team secretary.

          ·  2nd offence- team contacts or secretary and named offender/s will attend a sub-committee disciplinary hearing.

          ·  3rd offence- team will be dealt with by a full league committee.

65. Club Officials should assist the referee in checking bad language or unruly conduct amongst players and spectators.

66. All teams are required to attend a Safeguarding course as directed by the Welfare Officer.

67. All teams are required to have a nominated First Aider, and have access to a First Aid kit.

68. Abuse of referees will not be tolerated. Any team, including their associated officials and spectators, against whom abuse is proved, will be fined a minimum of £25 for the first offence. Further instances will be dealt with by the Committee.

69. The committee shall have the authority to withhold the trophies and mementoes from any club.

70. Cups and trophies must be returned to the Vice-Chairman by 31st July. Clubs failing to do so will be fined £25.00.

71. Scorers must concentrate on scoring and refrain from shouting instructions or encouragement.


72. The cost of two compulsory tickets for the annual presentation dance will be included in the fees collected before the start of the season. The Social Secretary will supply the two compulsory tickets to each team. Tickets will then become available on a first come first served basis.

73. Mementoes not collected at the presentation dance by winning teams will be retained by the League and utilized as deemed appropriate.


74. Qualification for Interleague matches will be as below and proof of age will be required, except for the “Seniors”.

                    SENIOR TEAM - no age limits,

                    INTERMEDIATE TEAM - 18 and over & under 25 on 1st April,

                    JUNIOR TEAM - under 18 on 1st April,

                    OVER 45s - 45 and over on 1st April.

                    Over 60s – 60 or over on the date of the match.

A player can only play for one Interleague team in any season with the exception of the Over 60s.

75. If teams from which players are selected have scheduled league matches on the inter-league dates, the inter-league team managers will contact the Club Secretaries involved and request release of the players. Clubs will have the option of playing without their inter-league players, or having the matches rearranged by the Match Secretary.


76. All players will wear their team’s strip when taking part in games under the jurisdiction of the BSF Ladies’ Rounders League. Details of each team strip must be submitted to the League Secretary by Fee Paying Night.

HANDICAP CUPS CONSTITUTION and RULES -  (updated February 2019)

1. This Competition shall be governed by the B.S.F. Rounders League Committee.

2. Entry to the Competition shall be subject to successful application, and on payment of an entry fee of £5.00 per team.

3. Teams playing in the Handicap Cups shall be split into two sections as decided by the Match Secretary. They will play for the following cups - The Festival Trophy and The Dorothy Clark Cup.

4. League registrations and registration rules will apply in this competition, with the exception of Competition Rule 11. For clubs entering more than one team, separate registration lists for each team must accompany the entry form. Players will be tied to the team for which they are registered.

5. B.S.F. Rounders League Laws and Rules shall apply except as varied by this constitution.

6: Any nominated referee may be asked to officiate in this Competition.

7. Matches shall be played on Sundays and commence, with the exception of Semi Finals and Finals, at 11.00 am unless agreed otherwise, with the exception of semi-finals and finals.

8. Semi Finals and Finals will commence at a time set by the Match Secretary.

9. All matches must be played on the dates arranged. Any team failing to turn up within 15 minutes of the agreed time shall be eliminated.

10. All abandoned matches to be reported immediately, to the Match Secretary.

11. The “follow-on” rule (Law 31) shall not be enforced in this Competition, however, the trailing team may volunteer to follow on, particularly in bad weather.

Time limits

12. Where a team is 3 or more sections higher than their opponents, a time limit of twenty minutes per innings shall be applied to them.

13. When a time limit is applied, the referee shall be the official timekeeper. If in the opinion of the referee, time wasting has occurred, timing will be stopped until the bowler commences to bowl. The referee shall indicate the end of the time and no runs shall be counted after this time.


14. Handicaps will be calculated for each round of the Competition and will be based on the current league position of the respective teams.

15. Basic figures of 50, 40 and 30 runs between sections will be used down to section “C” and 20 runs between sections thereafter.

16. A “weighting factor” will be applied to the basic figure calculated above. The weighting factor of the higher team shall be added and that of the lower team shall be subtracted.

17. Teams in the “top half” of section “A” shall, exceptionally, have a weighting of 50 runs.

18. Teams in the “top half” of all other sections shall have a weighting of half the basic handicap between their section and the one ABOVE. i.e. 25, 20, 15 or 10 runs.

19. Teams in the “bottom half” of each section shall have zero weighting.

20. The Match Secretary shall decide where to draw the line between “top half” and “bottom half”.

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