B.S.F. Ladies' Rounders League
Rule Changes for 2024
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Rule 46 – P42.

46. All teams must nominate TWO referees, people can only be nominated referees to 1 team, they must be 18 or over by the first day of the season or will not be accepted into the League. Both referees must attend at least one appropriate referees’ meeting. Failure of any nominated referee to attend and register will result in a fine of £25.00 for the club, payable by the nominated referee at a specially convened meeting. All teams are required to provide a nominated referee when called upon. Those teams whose nominated referee or replacement fails to attend a match will be fined £30.00 for the first occurrence, increasing by £30.00 for each subsequent occurrence and their entry into the League will be at the discretion of the Committee. Teams must honour their refereeing fixtures sent to them by the Referees Secretary and only nominated referees may officiate at matches.

Rule 49 – P42.

49. The match referee shall be paid £10.00 expenses by each team. The referee should be paid BEFORE commencement of the game. If no match is played, each team shall pay £5.00 travelling expenses. The full amount must be paid if the match is abandoned. Referees given more than 48 hours’ notice of a conceded game will not be remunerated. Clubs failing to pay referees expenses will be fined £10.00. No fees may be paid to any referee under any circumstances.

 Rule 28 – P40.

28. Any team failing to attend for a League fixture or attending with less than the minimum number of players (6), will be fined £20.00 and will pay the referee’s expenses in full. Two points will be deducted from their League record. The game will be rearranged by the Match Secretary. Any team conceding a play-off match will be fined £40 + £20.00 referee expenses and the game will not be replayed subject to Bolton Ladies Rounders League Fundamental Rules.

 Rule 36

36. ‘Permission to play’ documentation for teams using any venue/ground other than a Bolton Council Parks pitch must be received by the League Secretary by Fee Paying Night. Teams may name a second ground which can be utilized where their first home ground is not available and ‘Permission to play’ documentation must also be received by the League Secretary by Fee Paying Night. Notification of the use of this ground must be given to the Match Secretary. If your pitch is deemed unfit and you do not have an alternative the league may provide you with an alternative pitch subject to availability.

 Rule 76 P45

76. All players must wear their team’s strip when taking part in games under the jurisdiction of the Bolton Ladies’ Rounders League. Details of each team strip must be submitted to the League Secretary by book collection night.

 Rule 64 - P44

64. The League should be conducted in a sporting manner. Irregularities on the part of any club should be immediately reported to the League Secretary. This does not necessarily mean a protest and would be treated confidentially, until submitted in writing. Any teams causing concern will be dealt with by a full league committee.

Rule 68

68. Abuse of referees will not be tolerated. Any team, including their officials and spectators, against whom abuse is proved, will be fined a minimum of £50. Further instances will result in further penalties.

Rule 71

71. Scorers must concentrate on scoring and must not shout instructions or encouragement.

Rule 72- P45

72. All winners and runners up of all sections and cups will receive 2 tickets for the presentation. Extra tickets will then become available on a first come first serve basis.

Rule 5

5. On a date to be decided by the Committee, each team shall pay the agreed amount made up as follows: -

Any team not paying these amounts by the due date will be fined £25 and may be refused admission to the League.